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Zombieland Full Movie

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Zombieland Movie Plot

This movie reminds of Scary movie as there were ghosts and a group of people which was mocking with the ghosts in the same manner they are mocking with the zombies this time. Mankind is lost and there are no more humans left as zombies have taken over but a handful of humans are alive and are looking for further humans. Columbus is a zombie hating good-old boy and has lost his son to Zombies. Tallahassee is a student in Texas and is alive because he is phobic and he has some rules of his own. They find Wichita and Little Rock, who have also found unique ways to survive the zombie mayhem. Each find themselves as a pert of a new family formed.

Category Action Movies , Adventure Movies , Comedy Movies , Horror Movies  Release Date Running Time 2009-10-02 125 Min Hits 95766
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