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Whores Glory Full Movie

Whores Glory
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Cast & Crew Director Michael GlawoggerMichael Glawogger  Star Cast
Whores Glory Movie Plot

The movie Whores Glory is based on prostitution. The movie is shot in three countries and with three languages. The countries are Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. In Thailand, there is more class and women wait behind the glass doors and windows looking at themselves in their reflection. Bangladesh, women are taken as toy for playing and men use whole of their strength to satisfy the desires on young girls who even havent reached adulthood. While in Mexico women pray themselves for death just to avoid their own reality to come face to face with them. Only one thing is common in all that we see women are paid richly and their lives have become luxurious but it is all in stories and not in reality.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-09-09 110 Min Hits 1013933
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