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WATCH MOVIES What Love Is The Duke Pathfinders 50

What Love Is The Duke Pathfinders 50 Full Movie

What Love Is The Duke Pathfinders 50
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Cast & Crew Director Theodore Bogosian  Star Cast Scott Simon 
What Love Is The Duke Pathfinders 50 Movie Plot

The story of this documentary movie is centered on the heroic deeds of a group of women. In this family and musical movie we see how this group of mere 50 women who are suffering from terminal breast cancer face the greatest dangers in their life valiantly with full faith in their love and their God. What Love Is: The Duke Pathfinders 50 revolves around the heroic struggle of these women who investigated their disease wisely and widely and using the medical protocols and the latest known knowledge form a credible source they changed the way to live life. Not only they changed their life but they did for their own good and turned this life a better thing to love, to live and to die for. It is a symbol of courage and confidence for all the patients of cancer all around the world.

Category Documentary Movies , Family Movies , Musical Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-23 59 Min Hits 57780
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