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Walking (Mes)
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Walking (Mes) Movie Plot

How the things change, when an old man and a young boy become friends? This is the story, on which the movie depends. In this movie, there is an old man, who lives in a very small town. He has no one in his life and lives alone in that small town. He is noticed by a small kid, who is very poor. He sells chewing gums for his bread and butter. Sooner or later, both the old man and the boy become very good friend. Age was not the problem between them. They share their issues about life with each other. They were very much happy. It was not the end, they start facing trouble, when the military of that country takes power in their hand and start doing what they want to do. What happens next?

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-24 95 min Hits 48685
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