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WATCH MOVIES Two Years at Sea

Two Years at Sea Full Movie

Two Years at Sea
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Cast & Crew Director Ben Rivers  Star Cast Jake Williams 
Two Years at Sea Movie Plot

Two Years at Sea is a documentary movie that is centered all around the actions of a person named Jake. Throughout the movie we follow Jake who is following his dream project from the last two years. On every morning he is wandering in the middle of thick forests and trying to explore the way of life in the jungle. No matter how bad the weather is his stroll is never delayed and his schedule is never changed. He takes a nap in the misty fields of the woods. To spend time in the loch he even builds a raft with his overwhelming skills. The night time is the time of danger and at that time he sleeps soundly in the caravan under a tree. From the last two years he had been following the same routine despite of all seasons and all other odds that stand his way.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 88 Min Hits 87954
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