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Total Recall Full Movie

Total Recall
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Total Recall Movie Plot

An amazing action movie of the criteria of James Bond style. The storyline of the movie is centered on a person named Douglas Quaid who is a spy. Douglas is having a perfect life and he is living happily until the day his memory steps back into his mind. On the very basic he comes to know that he is a super spy, but what he cannot recall is that on which side he is. At the very first he is a factory worker and is living a merry making life with his wife whom he loves very much. But as his memory starts getting brighter, he stars getting frustrated and things start getting complicated in his life as the race for life starts. One wrong step and a chance to lose life, he can trust no one and is on the run as the police is frantically searching for him.

Category Action Movies , Adventure Movies , Sci Fiction Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-08-03 121 Min Hits 367866
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