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WATCH MOVIES These Storied Streets

These Storied Streets Full Movie

These Storied Streets
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Cast & Crew Director Thomas A Morgan Jack Henry Robbins  Star Cast
These Storied Streets Movie Plot

The story of the movie These Storied Streets is centered on the troubles that are faced by the homeless people of America, The movie shows the drastic data of increase in the number of homeless people of New York. Not only this the movie also tells that these people are just like you and me who are there homeless just because of few steps that we missed. So we too could be in that situation. Travelling from LA to New York we see such compelling and committed stories that our heart would itself melt while we hear what they are going through and what all their struggles include. The movie also gives the broad message that these people are just a few misfortune ones out there so we should not consider them as an eye soar.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-05 99 Min Hits 49755
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