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The Stray Full Movie

The Stray
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The Stray Movie Plot

The dramatic storyline of the movie The Stray follows the life and friendship of five young school going kids who have to join the summer school due to some reasons. While they are attending the summer school it is not at all a fun being there. The group is just passing time thinking about the activities they would have been doing if it would have been holidays. Just this is the time when a little stray pup enters their school life and as they befriend the little fellow they get a reason to go to school. Now the whole day they are playing with the little friend and are trying to put in their best efforts of hiding his presence from the Principal. Every time they think of a new innovative sneaking place for the little fellow whom they name Chewy and also clean up his after mess.

Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-05 88 Min Hits 111387
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