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The Perfect Family Full Movie

The Perfect Family
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The Perfect Family Movie Plot

The story of the dramatic movie follows the life of a woman and a mother named Eileen Cleary. The life goes on a bumpy track when Eileen is nominated for the highest achievable award by the Church. On one hand she is nominated for the award and the on the other hand her family goes berserk. While sitting upon the dining table she discovers the whole mess created in her family. Her husband is threatening to leave her, while her daughter is five month pregnant. Apart from it her son is leaving his wife and children for the love of a local beautician. She is buried in shame by the actions of her family members. The whole world of Eileen turns upside down leaving her distressed and disheartened. But she reconciles with will power to prove her worth to receive that award and to manage her family.

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 109 Min Hits 46438
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