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WATCH MOVIES The Haunting of Pearson Place

The Haunting of Pearson Place Full Movie

The Haunting of Pearson Place
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The Haunting of Pearson Place Movie Plot

Michael Merino has written and directed a horror screenplay. The story of this movie is centered on a haunted house Pearson Place. The house severed as a rest house for the soldiers during the World War I. But the house was haunted and the soldiers were so feared that they just wanted to leave the house as soon as they arrived. But a love young couple who is barely in their 30???s decides to buy this house for their recreation purpose and decided to use it only for breakfast and bed purposes. But all their plans are in vain when haunted house starts its own plans.

Category Horror Movies , Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-09-06 100 Min Hits 98227
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