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The Giant Mechanical Man
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The Giant Mechanical Man Movie Plot

The Giant Mechanical Man is an offbeat romantic comedy that revolves around an aspiring street performer who falls in love with fellow underachiever. The movie shows the effect of materialism on the most intimate relationship and throws satire on the people who are not happy with a fixed life. Janice is struggling for a constant life with suitable job but ends up with crappy temp jobs. Tim is performer artist wearing stilts and a metallic looking suit, paints himself silver, standing motionless on Detroit???s streets, and collects tips as a living statue. This mechanical man fascinates Janice. They actually meet face to face when they both take menial jobs at the local zoo. Tim keeps his secret identity to himself. Janice is not aware that Tim is the same mechanical man she meets daily and talks where as Jim is acquainted with the identity of Janice. The two of them get attracted towards each other and a low-key courtship begins.

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-27 65 Min Hits 52537
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