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The Eschatrilogy
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The Eschatrilogy Movie Plot

The story of the movie The Eschatrilogy is a story with magical touch that is wrapped all around with fear and horror. The story of the movie centres around a dark evil figure who is having some supernatural powers. This dark personality belongs to some other dimension and some other world and has got a special virus that can turn humans into monsters. He has got the objective to turn all humans in to monsters and gather a few stories that he can take along with him to his real world. But this is not where the story ends just like him another light personality appears from the other side. This personality has got the some supernatural powers and his objective is to save the human race from coming to an extinction because of dangers like the dark personality. This is a combination of three tales of torment.

Category Fantasy Movies , Horror Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-08 103 Min Hits 89666
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