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The Color Wheel
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The Color Wheel Movie Plot

The story of the movie The Color Wheel is a romantic family comedy that is set around JR and her young obnoxious brother. It is a comedic symphony of disappointment and forgiveness. JR lives along with her younger notorious stubborn brother Colin. Just after she had a breakup with a professor she is full of anger and asks Colin to accompany her to a road trip in order to recreate and stabilize her emotionally. Although disagreeing But Colin plans and accompanies her. All the time during the journey they are fighting with each other, quarrelling over small things like children. But all this continues only until they reach a divine place of togetherness where they understand each other well enough. For the very first time in life they realize that despite being so opposite they never left each others hand. Both of them were pushed and thrown out of their lives by everybody else but not each other.

Category Comedy Movies , Family Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-18 83 Min Hits 46331
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