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The Becoming Full Movie

The Becoming
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The Becoming Movie Plot

The story of the movie is set around an attorney who fights his inner demons and takes valiant steps in order to protect a teenager. Savannah is wrongly accused of the worst criminal story that could ever be falsely presented before anyone. She is accused of killing her recent newborn baby. Mitchell Thomas is just pushed by his conscience to protect the little lady form the horrors of the greedy world. Mitchell is even supported by her mother in his great cause. But as he gets in to more and more deeper details of his client the more he is pushed into a dilemmatic situation. While Mitchell???s mother tries to handle the hassles from the side of the father of the little celebrity girl. In the meanwhile Mitchell goes on a special research mission to a small island of Tybee to face the darkest and deepest of his demons to acquit the young woman.

Category Horror Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-25 98 min Hits 43763
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