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The 25th Reich
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The 25th Reich Movie Plot

The story of the multiple genre movie The 25th Reich is written by Stephen Amis and Serge De Nardo. The action filled fantasy movie wrapped in sci-fi and adventure is directed by Stephen Amis. The story of the movie is originally extracted from the story of a famous novel ???50,000 years until Tomorrow??? which was written by J.J. Solomon. In the movie there are 5 men; 25 dimensions but only 1 reality. A great time travel that explores about the tedious efforts done by sending soldiers in faulty spaceships to travel via time to stop the Nazis in order to preserve the future. Basically, this movie is a tribute to the World War II movies that came in 1940???s and 50???s. It was a special mission assigned to five selected soldiers by US in 1943 by OSS in order to save the dying world from the tyranny of Hitler that was expected to survive at that time.

Category Action Movies , Adventure Movies , Fantasy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-10 85 Hits 46331
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