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Sprawl Full Movie

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Sprawl Movie Plot

The story of the dramatic movie Sprawl revolves around the life of a teenage girl. The movie follows this teenage girl who is emotionally depressed and as a last resort of the worsening relationship with her estranged mother this valiant youngster takes to the toll of cutting herself. However, shedding blood or tears does not solve any problem. After resuscitating she finds an elder woman than her age on an internet website. Both of them start talking and their relationship grows stronger which helps the teenager to learn many a new things and that to accept her sexuality. Not only this the young girl also learnt about the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia. It is a Dean Matthew Ronalds directed movie. The storyline of the movie is written by Domenic Migliore.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-06 89 Min Hits 46759
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