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Son of God Full Movie

Son of God
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Cast & Crew Director Guy Nattiv Erez TadmorErez Tadmor  Star Cast Zohar Shtrauss 
Son of God Movie Plot

What happens, when a son tries to find the magical man, who saved his father? This is what the movie ???Son of God??? tells. A 78 years old man tells his son that how a man saved his life, when he was going to die. Now, he wants to thank that man, but he doesn???t know that where that man lives! His son decides to find that man, so that make his father???s wish true. After discovering about that man, he comes to know that the man is from Greece, which was far from his place. Now, he is on the mission to find that man. Will he be able to find that great man or the discovery will end soon?

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-20 105 Min Hits 43977
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