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Sky Force Full Movie

Sky Force
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Cast & Crew Director Tony TangTony Tang  Star Cast Heather GordonHeather Gordon John S. Flynn 
Sky Force Movie Plot

Sky Force is an animated movie about the most privileged emergency fighting team in the sky. Ace, one of the members of Sky Force breaks ranks on a dangerous mission that result in tragedy. He leaves the Sky Force and joins a tedious job in cargo hauling. Ace now and then laments his former life and friends when he was at Sky Force. He is not able to forget the previous adventures and full of life days. Ace once again sets up into action when his current boss puts life of cargo workers in danger. Out of rage Ace decide to save the life of his co-workers. Ace also knows that he could not achieve his goal on his own so he approaches Sky Force to help him saving the lives of his co-workers. He and his former team members join to get the workers out of danger and thus become the hero of the day.

Category Animation Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-22 99 Min Hits 61204
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