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Shots Fired Full Movie

Shots Fired
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Shots Fired Movie Plot

Shots Fired is an action movie that turns out be rather a comedy. The storyline of the movie follows two of the greatest known detectives in the city who are exact opposites of each other. One knows how to be heroic, the other knows how to pass a random drug test. Both Kevin and Marcus are so ill fated that they have to join forces although they did so in a disagreeing manner in order to solve the mystery of the murder of a well known scientist who was also a city resident. Kevin is very aggressive in nature and because of his heroic deeds the city municipal has shouldered a compensation of more than millions. On the other hand Marcus is a weed smoking lazy personality who is so lazy so that he has got most of the members of his team dead.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-19 105 Min Hits 54998
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