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Satellite Boy Full Movie

Satellite Boy
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Cast & Crew Director Catriona McKenzie  Star Cast David Gulpilil Chris Veerhuis 
Satellite Boy Movie Plot

The story of the adventurous movie Satellite Boy is set around Pete who is staying with his grandfather. Pete and his grandfather are just like friends who enjoy the company of each other. They are residing in an old abandoned house in the deserts. But when their lives are in grave danger the 10 ??? years ??? old Pete get the orders from his grandfather to leave the place. Along with his best friend Kalmain Pete leaves the house in order to secure the place and search out for help. But the boys are too young to find their way out of the deserts and starving and hungry they wander in the deserts. But in this doldrums Pete uses his skills and tactics taught to him by his grandfather in order to somehow manage to survive. Somehow they reach the city and their they get help to save their deserted home in the deserts.

Category Adventure Movies , Drama Movies , Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-30 90 Min Hits 89024
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