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WATCH MOVIES Russian Libertine (Venajan vapain mies)

Russian Libertine (Venajan vapain mies) Full Movie

Russian Libertine (Venajan vapain mies)
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Cast & Crew Director Ari Matikainen  Star Cast Viktor Jerofejev 
Russian Libertine (Venajan vapain mies) Movie Plot

What you think about Russia? The question may be strange, but the storyline of the documentary movie ???Russian Libertine (Ven?j?n vapain mies)??? gives the perfect answer of the question. The documentary movie tells that how the situations changes in Russia. It also tells the beauty and the reason this beauty. There are some hidden secret of this wonderful country, which are discussed in the movie. It tells that the things do not remain the same in the country. Anything can be happen at any moment. This movie will take you to a wonderful ride of Russia.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 80 Min Hits 65805
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