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Portrait of Wally Full Movie

Portrait of Wally
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Cast & Crew Director Andrew Shea  Star Cast
Portrait of Wally Movie Plot

The conflicting story of the movie Portrait of Wally is centered around one of the most controversial art presentation of Egon Schiele???s. It is a painting of a face that shows mere affection and true honesty in it. The painting has got a controversial past and a very unsafe and unpredictable future. The painting was stolen by the Nazis and from there it somehow reached to New York where it had been locked up from last 13 years in order to get the right hearing. The Jew family that wants it very badly is fighting with museum of New York who consider it as their own property. Even Ronald Lauder who is the chairman of the MoMA ??? the museum where the painting needs to be placed and also a founder of the Art Recovery Commission that ensures to give the rightful Jewish paintings to the Jews stolen by the Nazis prefers the painting to be in New York.

Category Documentary Movies , History Movies , News Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 90 Min Hits 77147
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