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Poe Full Movie

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Poe Movie Plot

The story of the movie Poe is a great horrifying terrorizing scary flick that will numb your body and stop every sensation. The movie reflects how low a human can stoop and show its monstrous face. The movie follows a wealthy and brilliant doctor named Dr. Andrew Casey who is a serial killer and when his wife finds out she informs it to the police. Andrew is sentenced to rehabilitation for the coming 11 years of his life. Time passes and 11 years after he is released totally changed with a new identity of Mr. Jack Conway and is moved to Los Angeles. And as the new neighbours are coming in contact with the doctor and are trying to form a bond with him the doctor is back on his killing spree and satisfying his hunger of human flesh of years.

Category Crime Movies , Drama Movies , Horror Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-06 105 Min Hits 52644
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