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Piggy Full Movie

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Piggy Movie Plot

The crime based story of the movie Piggy is centered on the life of Joe. Joe is a young boy with a very mild and friendly nature. But his life is getting monotonous with every passing day and the shock of the murder of his brother leaves him in more doldrums. At this low point in his life he gets the support of Piggy. Piggy was the best friend of his brother who is now the friend of Joe and helping him out. In every aspect of his life Piggy becomes an important figure. But soon later Joe realizes that his life is now full of violence, anger and revenge. It is not late enough for him to find out that Piggy is not actually the one who he pretends to bead n is deeply connected with the underworld at some point or the other.

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 106 min Hits 62809
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