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Petaling Street Warriors Full Movie

Petaling Street Warriors
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Petaling Street Warriors Movie Plot

This is a Malaysian Chinese movie with action comedy genre. The movie is set in 1908, in the Petling Street that is governed by inefficient colonial government and hence faces exploitation of the local Chinese gangsters. The story of the movie revolves around a couple Shi Duyao and Zhung Lichun who have been married two years before and run a Hokkien mee stall in Petaling Street. Zhung Lichun gets to action when mysterious kungfu expert Xiaoju exposes that Duyao is a descendant of missing emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty who fled years ago in exile from his uncle. Now a group of Qing warriors and Japanese ninjas are hunting the man who is having a treasure map. The man probably is Duyao who himself does not know the secret. Lichun and her cousin Liu Kun who are kungfu experts and bodyguards of Duyao in disguise teams up with other warriors and turn the place into battlefield.

Category Action Movies , Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-03-15 106 Min Hits 43656
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