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Oom Henk Full Movie

Oom Henk
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Oom Henk Movie Plot

How the life of a college student change, after meeting the street thugs. In this movie, there is a college student, who was living normal life with his girlfriend. He was the final year student of Law College. His life takes a sudden turn, when street thugs enter in his life. They tell him that he is the brother of crime baron Henk de Koning. Next day, street thug visits the guy and tells him that he has to a work for him unless, he will kill him. He has to help him to retrieve the treasure. To save his own life, guy agrees to help him. His task is not as simple as he thinks because a police detective Uitenhaage is after the same fortune. How the boy will manage to save his life?

Category Comedy Movies , Crime Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-07 92 Min Hits 56710
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