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On the Road Full Movie

On the Road
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On the Road Movie Plot

The storyline of this dramatic flick On the Road is centered on the road trip of Sal Paradise. The storyline of the movie is set around this single character Sal who is just coping with the recent expiry of his loved father and by profession he is just a mere struggling writer. Now in order to find and follow the true thirst of his heart and to quench his thirst he goes on a journey throughout New York along with his friend Dean Moriarty. Dean is not only Sal???s only friend but is also a very well known actor in the film industry. In this fast paced energetic ride of travellers with a beauty along with in a mystic they search for it and finally discover it - the living epitome of the beat. In this adventurous journey of lows and highs throughout the US we find the Beat Generation.

Category Adventure Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-23 90 Min Hits 81641
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