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Ohne Gnade Full Movie

Ohne Gnade
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Ohne Gnade Movie Plot

What thriller shots take place in a city of San Francisco? The movie ???Ohne Gnade??? is based on that theme. A strange murder case fears the people of the city. In this movie, there is a detective, who finds the body parts of a human. After finding those body parts, he starts inventing about that murder case. At the start, it as not easy to find the killer, but he was still trying to solve the case. In the middle of the story, he finds some clues that help him to know that the murder is done by a killer, who is mentally unstable, but he don???t have any evidence against that killer. In the search of the evidence, he visits several places. Will he be able to catch that killer?

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 90 Min Hits 68480
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