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Nightfall Full Movie

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Cast & Crew Director Roy Chow  Star Cast Nick CheungNick Cheung Simon YamSimon Yam 
Nightfall Movie Plot

Nightfall is a psychological crime thriller that revolves around an ex-con Wong. Wong is just released from prison after serving a long sentence of 20-years. He was accused of horrific rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend Eva that he claimed to have not committed. Soon after his release Eva???s father a known classical musician Han Tsui is found brutally murdered and dumped into ocean, mutilated beyond recognition. To solve the case a beat down police detective Lam is called in. While investigating the current case he reopens the 20-year-old case and finds a connection between the two seemingly unrelated murders. The one, which took 20 years before and the second that, took place currently in the same family. To him the second murder seemed straightforward the case of revenge and hatred. He starts doubting Wong???s involvement in Han???s murder. The movie features two of top-notch Hong Kong actors working together-- Nick Cheung and Simon Yam.

Category Crime Movies , Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-03-15 95 Min Hits 49969
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