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Nesting Full Movie

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Nesting Movie Plot

Nesting is a rom com movie that is set on the life of a couple comprising Sarah and Neil. Both of them are in some thirty something of their life and are in a sturdy relationship. But when things are not working out and life is getting filled with monotony they set out to recreate themselves. While they are in process to rekindle their life back on track they end up n their old neighbourhood where they used to live. This particular section of Los Angeles bring them back sweet old memories of the times when they used to be in their twenties and after a few drinks they are all out of their minds. IN the fun of drinks they bang into their old home and decide to stay there for a few days a throw a lavish party for the old friends and the old memories. But now after gaining senses they must get back to adult form to avoid serious problems.

Category Comedy Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 89 Min Hits 55640
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