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WATCH MOVIES Mitsuko Delivers (Hara ga kore nande)

Mitsuko Delivers (Hara ga kore nande) Full Movie

Mitsuko Delivers (Hara ga kore nande)
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Mitsuko Delivers (Hara ga kore nande) Movie Plot

How the life of a girl changes after meeting an American guy? The plotline of the movie is based on that girl???s life. This is the story of a Japanese girl, who is very cheerful girl. She believes that everything happens well at every end. One day, she met with an American guy. After spending time with that guy, she falls in love with him. That guy takes her to his hometown. After living some months with girl, he left her. After broke, the girl comes back to her country. Now, she is pregnant and still unmarried. The situations are very difficult for her. How will she manage her life with a baby?

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 97 Min Hits 84637
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