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Miami Magma Full Movie

Miami Magma
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Miami Magma Movie Plot

The story of this action based sci- fi movie revolves around the heroic efforts of Antoinette and her sister Emily. The main storyline follows these two valiant ladies who are not worried about what possible outcomes can the situation have on them. Emily and Antoinette both are volcanologists and after their deep core research and study they are now finally practicing the new profession. And this study leads them to study the case of an illegal oil drilling scheme in Miami. After perfectly researching the whole of the place both the sisters raise an issue to stop the oil drilling company in order to save many lives of innocent people of Miami. The intentional drilling was becoming a major cause of changes in the temperatures of a volcano and would certainly erupt if the same actions continued. It is an astounding action scenario that gives shrills.

Category Action Movies , Sci Fiction Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 89 Min Hits 49541
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