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Me and You (Io e te) Full Movie

Me and You (Io e te)
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Me and You (Io e te) Movie Plot

What a child can do, if he is frustrated from his family? The movie ???Me and You (Io e te)??? will give you the best idea about the question. This is story of a 14 yrs boy and his step sister. The boy is a kid and he is frustrated from his family and the world around him. He wants to go far from them, but as he is kid, so it???s not easy for him to do so. One day, he decides to do different. He decides that he will hide himself in he basement of his house. He hides himself and his little step sister in that base. What happens, when he completes his task?

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 97 Min Hits 60348
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