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Le voyage extraordinaire
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Le voyage extraordinaire is an interesting documentary movie that chronicles the recent restoration of Georges M?li?s\' fantastical Le Voyage dans la lune made in 1902 in original colored version. This restored documentary uses lots of old footage and interviews of contemporary filmmakers. The story of the original movie ???The Trip To The Moon??? centers on the adventurous journey of a team of six scientists, astronomers, Club members to moon. They go into a shell, pulled by giant cannon and they discover the light of the earth and meet the Selenites on moon. The present documentary movie Extraordinary Journey tells the incredible adventure through the centuries and the challenges in the way of restoring the historical movie. The documentary movie consist of three major topics: life and work of Georges Melies, overview synthetic aspects of film history and origins of the restoration work that led to this new version of Trip to the Moon.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-18 60 Min Hits 40553
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