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WATCH MOVIES Le secret de l enfant fourmi

Le secret de l enfant fourmi Full Movie

Le secret de l enfant fourmi
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Le secret de l enfant fourmi Movie Plot

What kind of troubles an American girl faces, when she finds an African baby? Le secret de l\'enfant-fourmi is based on that theme. An American woman was on a trip. At the trip, she finds that an African woman has left her child and ran away. That American girl tries o catch that woman, but fails. After that circumstance, she tries to hand over the kid to an orphanage, but no one takes the child from her. At last, she decides that she will take care of that child. She takes the baby to her house and starts caring him as her own child. After several years, she again starts her discovery to find the mother that baby. Will she be able to find the mother of that baby?

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-02 108 Min Hits 59599
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