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Le Skylab Full Movie

Le Skylab
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Le Skylab Movie Plot

Let us suppose that a piece of outer space thing will fall at your place at a desired time and you don???t have much time? Many of you would run to save lives other pray and most of you will try to enjoy the last moments of your life. But things become more interesting when you have your relatives along with you. The movie Le Skylab is about the same thing. The movie is set in 1979, a family and their relatives have gathered in the family house in Bretagne for the celebration of birthday of their grandmother and they all believe that a piece of Skylab would fall on their head. But the reunion seems to be crazy as all pass their time in singing and loving each other. The movie is written and directed by Julie Deply.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-09-23 87 Min Hits 153439
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