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Last Will and Embezzlement Full Movie

Last Will and Embezzlement
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Last Will and Embezzlement Movie Plot

Last Will and Embezzlement is a heart touching, eye opening, thought provoking documentary movie on elderly abuse. Elderly people are exploited from within the family for their wealth and property. This is a crime, which is spreading throughout the world like an epidemic. Of all the crimes that are illegal and illicit, this is the safest and most rewarding crime. While committing this crime the criminal is at zero risk of being caught and prosecuted. The exploitation of elderly starts from the living room and the truth is the victim is unspeakable and even does not grumble over the unkind act committed on him in most of the cases. The documentary covers the true-life events in the family of Executive Producer and Starjack Entertainment partner, Pamela S.K. Glasner. Though the movie does not cover the events of the family but it highlights on the universal problem and bring it on the forefront of the peoples mind.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-13 84 Min Hits 51467
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