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Last Call at the Oasis Full Movie

Last Call at the Oasis
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Last Call at the Oasis Movie Plot

Last Call at the Oasis is a Jessica Yu written as well as directed documentary movie that faces the question of water depletion all over the world. The movie gives a message about the depleting water resources that are thought to be infinite sources by some thoughtless people. While the journey of the movie we face water crisis in the whole world. You drink it, you swim in it, you survive on it. It???s time you know the truth about it. This is the question that we would face whole time through this century. The only way to fight the crisis is to start managing now by putting a check on our activities. It???s never too late to start but if we continue our hazardous activities then a time will come when we cannot even start. This movie will reveal some disturbing facts about our shattering and the most precious natural reserve ever.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 105 Min Hits 42372
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