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Its a Boy Girl Thing Full Movie

Its a Boy Girl Thing
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Its a Boy Girl Thing Movie Plot

The movie is a complete comedy and you will laugh your hearts out while watching it. The movie is about two neighbors Nell and Woody whose behavior, nature & traits are completely opposite to each other and they literally hate each other and want to kill if they find a chance. Nell is polite, geek and virgin while Woody has his expectations limited to an average middle University because she is rude and she loves to play football. Things takes a turn when one night when they are asleep their souls are swapped from their bodies and now they take out revenge and want to destroy all the reputation they have build of themselves. But while studying together in the high school and now going up to the college would only come to notice when they support each other and respect each other.

Category Comedy Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2006-12-26 95 Min Hits 126582
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