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Islands (Isole) Full Movie

Islands (Isole)
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Islands (Isole) Movie Plot

The dramatic story of Islands revolves around Ivan, Martina and Don Enzo. Ivan is jobless and his search for job one day leads him to the nearby island where he gets help in the form of Martina. Martina is usually silent the whole time and lives with a middle aged priest who has recently lost his power of vision because of some serious stroke and now he even grows suspicious of his sister whom he thinks is behind his property. He is even suspicious about his caretaker and thus gives shelter to likes including Martina and Ivan. In his plot of land he has created a place of rest for bees who are perfectly cared by Martina who finds solace with the bees. By the time Ivan spends more time on priests property he gets more and more connected with the piece of land and the small living creatures living there.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 92 Min Hits 61204
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