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WATCH MOVIES In Darkness (W ciemnosci)

In Darkness (W ciemnosci) Full Movie

In Darkness (W ciemnosci)
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In Darkness (W ciemnosci) Movie Plot

The Catholic, sinner, little thief, Leopold Socha, a Pole from Lvov - for over a year helped and gave shelter hiding in the sewers group of escapees from the ghetto. For money. However, what seemed like an opportunity to earn money, led to a deep emotional bond between Socha and refugees, evolving into a heroic struggle for human life. A story of a girl that saved many lives only at the risk of her own life and never thought of getting any incentive out of it, just helped the others to do good work to others.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-09 98 Min Hits 275205
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