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Howling Full Movie

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Cast & Crew Director Ha Yu  Star Cast Kang ho SongKang ho Song Na yeong Lee Jang In ho 
Howling Movie Plot

The plotline of the movie is based the past life of a boy, who is losing his identity. There is a college boy. He liked a girl, who is from his college. He wants to make a love relationship with her, but the problem is that he doesn???t know that the girl also likes him or not. Sooner or later, he gets his love. When everything was happening in his favor, he gets to know about his dark past. He gets to know that he is a werewolf. He doesn???t tell his girlfriend about this, because he thinks that is she gets to know that she will leave him forever. Now, he has to deal with his past to save his relationship with that girl. Can he do it?

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-24 114 min Hits 50076
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