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Hick Full Movie

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Hick Movie Plot

Hick is a drama movie that moves around a central character Luli, a 13-year-old spoiled, sarcastic and stylish girl. Dissatisfied with her life she flees from her poor Nebraska house with her only possession ???a pistol. She heads for her new life in the big city of Las Vegas. In her road trip to Las Vegas she meets Eddie who gives her lift in his pickup truck, starts flirting with her. Luli leaves him and is taken up by grifter Glenda who indulges her in a store robbery and uses her in cons. This is not the end later she finds Eddie and Glenda have a connection and thus a violent triangle is formed. Luli runs from her dysfunctional parents- a neglectful mother and a drunken father and falls in the hands of even more dangerous and hurtful people. Chlo? Grace Moretz plays the role of Luli gives an entirely credible performance and emerges as one of the best young actresses.

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 105 Min Hits 101757
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