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Hell at My Heels
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Hell at My Heels Movie Plot

A story collaboratively written by Brett Kelly and Trevor Payer. Hell at My Heels is a Brett Kelly directed movie that is centered on the eccentric friendship of two foes because of the situation they are in. The movie starts with the scene of two men, of completely opposite nature, are chained together. Both of them are having nothing in common other than the chain binding them and together travelling the scorching heat and unreal conditions of the desert. So in order to survive somehow till the end they join hands. All through their journey of finding a way out they help each other out so as to get out of this trouble and take revenge. They want to take their revenge from the bastard who did all this to them and left them to die together in such harsh atmosphere.

Category Western Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 80 Min Hits 74044
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