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Hannibal Rising Full Movie

Hannibal Rising
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Cast & Crew Director Peter WebberPeter Webber  Star Cast Gaspard UllielGaspard Ulliel Rhys IfansRhys Ifans Li GongLi Gong 
Hannibal Rising Movie Plot

Hannibal Rising is a crime based movie. The movie contains breath taking thriller. The movie revolves during the time of World War II. The whole movie is based on a character named Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal and his sister Mischa share strong loving bonds of brother and sister and are inseparable form each other until their whole family is brutally murdered while hiding from Nazi???s. Only Hannibal survives and after a few years when he grows up and is now living with his beautiful aunt in Paris. Hannibal is now making plans for his revenge from those barbarians who killed his very lovely baby sister. He believes in the theory of blood for blood and bone for bone. It starts with revenge.

Category Crime Movies , Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2007-02-09 102 Min Hits 76292
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