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Grandmas Boy Full Movie

Grandmas Boy
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Grandmas Boy Movie Plot

???Grandma???s Boy??? is a comedy. The story centers on the 35 year old video game tester, Alex. He is kicked out of the rented house along with Josh who spent all his money on Filipino hookers. In search of a place he joins Dante and then Jeff but leaves them due to one or the other reason. Alex is forced to live with his grandmother and her two eccentric friends, Bea and Grace. He develops his own video game, called Demonik which he teaches his grandma and she experts the game. J.P. steals the only copy of the game and tries to pass it off as his own to Mr. Cheezle .In the end grandma proves that it belongs to Alex by winning the game. The Grandma\'s Boy is vindicated and creates a successful game.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2006-01-06 99 Min Hits 60349
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