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God Bless America Full Movie

God Bless America
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God Bless America Movie Plot

The story of this comedy and crime movie God Bless America centres Frank, a 40-years-old desperate man fed up from his own life. He is leading a miserable life ignored by his family, thrown out of job and suffering from brain tumour. He starts thinking of ending his useless life. Then he realizes suddenly that America has become cruel and vicious place to live so he has enough to do. He has to make out a clean society around him. He sets on a mission to remove talentless idiots on television, the rude, the unscrupulous, and the most repellent citizens from the society. His first act of violence is witnessed by a 16-year-old Roxy who is as unbalanced as Frank. The two become friends and Roxy accompanies him in his mission of making a world better place to live. The duo sets on a killing spree.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 105 Min Hits 84637
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