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Glory Days Full Movie

Glory Days
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Glory Days Movie Plot

What can be more promising and persuading for a rock band other than reconciliation with same name and fame. The story of the movie I about the enigmatic rise of the rock band The Spiders. Twenty years have passed by the day of the disheartening and the acrimonious breakup of the group because of certain situation and misunderstanding among the group members. But now the world has changed and so do the things have. The lead songwriter and the original producer of the band is the only one left out of the whole lot of energetic rock stars who is living a mundane life in Thailand. After getting the opportunity to go bananas over again the same thing they dreamed for the whole life, he tries to get each and every member back to live the life they made for themselves.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-18 89 Min Hits 52858
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