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First Position
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First Position is a documentary that takes us to the most prestigious dance competition of the world- Youth American Grand Prix. Bess Kargman???s First Position follows six talented young dancers between the age of 9 -19 from the different parts of the world to participate in the worldwide ballet competition that could transform their lives within five minutes. Only dedication, intelligence, extremely hard work, and right guidance could make their dream come true of becoming professional ballet dancers. To be a ballet dancer is not a bed of roses as ballet dance is the most difficult one to perform. The movie covers the practice and discipline of the participants as they prepare for the contest, struggling through bloodied feet, severely exhausted and tolerating the unbearable injuries yet not giving up. FIRST POSITION paints a thrilling and moving portrait of the most gifted young ballet stars of tomorrow.

Category Comedy Movies , Documentary Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 90 Min Hits 202551
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