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Duke Full Movie

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Duke Movie Plot

The action and thriller entangled story of the movie Duke is a classic western tale of two brothers Duke and Roost. They were born and raised together and taught never to trust anyone and just think to survive in any possible conditions. Finally as they grow into adults they separate their ways out. Roost takes up a work in the movie of John Dwayne while Duke is working as a detective. While wandering around in the streets and investigating many crime scenes he figures out Winky as one of the greatest threat to the society. As he works hard in collecting evidences and relating incidences to get close to Winky so is the process of another detective and even the officials. But when Duke is just about to get Winky he needs to fight the whole of the authorities who are now against him. Now Roost and Duke team up together to show their extraordinary skills.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 107 Min Hits 59385
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